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  • Is more than just a beautiful – piece of jewelry.
  • Provides in combination with the Zisano Chip for more energy and well-being.
  • Is a beautiful nautical motif.
  • is suitable for our Zisano chip
  • Supplied with a chain (length 70cm)
  • Consists of stainless steel.

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Juvelo Design X - Anchor is one of about 30 jewelry pendants in our Juvelo series. Generally, all our jewelry pendants were designed to carry the Zisano Chip with you all the time. This medallion is quite striking in design and just therefore very popular with our male customers. However, the pendant is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry, because it provides in combination with the Zisano Chip for more energy and well-being.When worn regularly, harmful substances are excreted up to 1 ½ times faster. The Zisano Chip protects your body from any disharmonic radiation (wifi mobile radiation, 5G radiation, e-smog, radiation from electronic devices, etc.) by harmonizing these negative stressors 100%. In combination with the Zisano Chip Naturally, our Zisano Chip inside and can be easily removed by unthreading the chain and opening the medallion. The chip can be applied to the area of pain or tension with a traditional band-aid or kinesiology tape. The chip releases tension and blockages in the meridian system, thus supporting the body to stimulate its self-healing powers again. This provides more well-being and energy. The included chain has a length of 70cm. Possibilities of use: Here is a small excerpt of the pain, when and how the chip can be used beneficially: arthritis, abdominal pain, inflammation, colds, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, (neck) tension, restless legs syndrome, rheumatism, back pain, various sports injuries, tennis elbow, toothache and strains, and more. v.m. Supply: Medallion Zisano Juvelo Design X - Anchor - Stainless Steel Dimension: 35mm diameter Weight: approx. 30 grams Chain with a length of 70cm - stainless steel.

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