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  • A perfect complement to our Aqua Bella Set

  • Consists of high-quality borosilicate glass and is handmade – so each piece is unique.

  • stands out for its unique look and design.
  • is suitable for both ice cold and hot drinks.

  • can be used for any liquid, such as water, fruit juice, tea, wine, etc.

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This set of glasses is a perfect complement to our Aqua Bella Set.
Create a buzz on your dining and living room table, your guests are sure to take notice of the design of the carafe and glasses. But the design is not all that makes this carafe unique. The water or any other liquid is enlivened with the help of the chips poured at the bottom, and the difference is also clearly felt in the taste. You, as well as your family and guests, will be delighted. The carafe and also the four-piece glass set that comes with it are very comfortable to hold because of the curvature. Read more about our Aqua Vivas Chip here.
Possibilities of use:

Water, fruit juices, wine, etc.


The glasses are dishwasher safe, but the carafe should be cleaned by hand.

Please be careful when unpacking, the glasses are well padded in the package to avoid any damage in transit.
We ask for your understanding!

Technical data:
Capacity glasses: 0.33 liters
Unique in workmanship
Each piece is unique
Surprise family and guests with the unique design

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