Wellbeing and energy

Feeling good in one’s own skin on a physical and mental level – that’s how you could define subjective well-being. How happy are you in general in your life, which areas (health, family, work,…) are coherent, which show any potential for improvement? Often we only start to think about this when we are lacking something in one area, feel bad or are already ill, be it physically or mentally. This is the time to start balancing these negative burdens and to get back in harmony with your own body. The Zisano Chip can support you in this process. 

What do others say about our Zisano products ?

“Hello I have to give some good news, have ZISANO miracle chip since health fair KroneFIT 02/2020 bought to use and test, this miracle chip an all-rounder you can really use anywhere and relieve the pain or even disappears, he can even more what I noticed the immune system Daily maintain and strengthen over all viruses and colds.
This miracle chip should therefore be missing in any home-travel pharmacy! “

Kreuzer Karl Heinz

“I have had the Zisano chip for a few weeks and use it for pain of any kind. A few days ago I had trouble swallowing and pain due to an inflamed tooth pocket. So I stuck the chip on my neck where it hurt. The difficulty in swallowing actually disappeared after some time. I also left the chip stuck on at night. After 3 days everything was fine again. Super thing. I can only recommend. best regards”.


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Frequently asked questions about well-being and balance

For whom is the ZISANO chip designed?

The chip is suitable for both humans and animals. 

Are children also allowed to use the chip?

Children can also use the chip. For smaller children, it is recommended to check the children’s reaction to the chip more often. In case of discomfort, please remove it and let the body get used to it.

How many chips can be used?

If necessary, several chips can be stuck on the body at the same time, with the sole exception of the head. Here, only one chip should be used. 

How to stick the chip?

The chip is applied with a kinesiology tape or a conventional patch directly or next to the painful part of the body

Can I return the chip if it does not help?

We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on the chip, because we want our customers to have long enough to test the chip. If, contrary to expectations, the desired effect does not occur or if you are not satisfied with the effect, you can return the chip and get a full refund.

Does the chip strengthen the immune system?

Yes the chip also supports and strengthens the immune system, best if worn regularly. For this purpose, there are our Zisano Juvelo designs. Through the increased body energy, your body also begins to detoxify more quickly. When wearing the Zisano Chip regularly, harmful substances are eliminated up to 1 ½ times faster.

How does the chip protect against radiation?

The ZISANO chip protects your body from any disharmonious radiation (Wlan mobile radiation, 5G radiation, E-smog, radiation from electronic devices, etc.) by harmonizing these negative stressors to 100%. Especially for people who are electrosensitive or who are regularly exposed to ionizing radiation (radioactivity, X-rays) due to their job, this chip is an absolute must-have. Increased well-being and more energy are the positive consequences.

What do I do if I don't know exactly where the pain point is?

With the help of our Meridian database, you can easily find out where to place the chip. 

On which side should the chip be worn?

Most chips have a smooth and a matte side (depending on the production series). It makes no difference on which side the chip is glued. However, we recommend sticking the kinesiotape on the smooth side, as this side is easier to clean.

What kind of pain can the chip be used for?

Arthritis, abdominal pain, inflammations, colds, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, (neck) tension, restless legs syndrome, rheumatism, back pain, various sports injuries, tennis elbow, toothache, strains and much more. 

Of course, the chip can also be used for all other pains. If you are unsure where exactly to stick the chip, our meridian database will help you.

What do I do if I get dizzy or uncomfortable while wearing the chip?

This is a completely normal reaction of the body, which takes effect within a short time after sticking or wearing. If you feel unwell or dizzy, remove the chip and stick it on again after some time. The body gets used to the chip and can thus release the blockages in the meridian system.

How long does the chip last?

The effect of the chip is never lost due to the unique technology and the storage medium silizum. So the chip does not need to be recharged like semi-precious stones or magnetic jewelry.

What do I have to consider in handling with the chip?

The chip is made of pure silicon and is very fragile. It will not survive an impact on hard ground. Therefore, we recommend a protective cover (ZISANO Protecto) or one of our jewelry medallions.

What does the chip do exactly?

The chip works through harmonic vibrations and helps the human organism regain more balance, stability and well-being. The chip also supports your body in reactivating its self-healing powers by releasing energetic blockages. Here, too, these vibrations have a beneficial and pain-relieving effect on the healing process. 

What is the chip made of?

The chip is a special crystal made of almost pure silica, which works through harmonious vibrations and helps the human organism regain more balance, stability and well-being. 

How can the chip activate my self-healing powers?

The chip dissolves energetic blockages via harmonious vibrations and at the same time activates the body’s self-healing powers. 

How long should the chip be worn?

Basically until the discomfort is gone. Of course, it depends on the type of discomfort and how long you have had the pain. In the best case, however, you wear the chip on your body all the time.

Are there any side effects?

In principle, there are no side effects. Rarely and only at first use, your body may react with headaches, diarrhea, mild nausea, dizziness or sleep disturbances. These symptoms occur because the body immediately reacts to the chip and begins detoxification. If this is the case, it is best to wear the chip only temporarily and thus slowly accustom your organism to the original state of nature.

How can I clean the chip?

Normally, it is sufficient to clean the chip with lukewarm water. Sometimes, however, adhesive residues from the tape remain on the chip, in which case we recommend simply removing them with some lemon oil. Please do not use any chemical cleaning agents.

What is the Protecto?

The Protecto is a protective cover for the Zisano Chip. For all those who do not want to wear jewelry medallions, a great alternative to carry the Zisano Chip always handy in your pants or handbag.