Disabling disharmonic radiation

It is undisputed that we humans are surrounded by disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic pollution everywhere and around the clock. These include, for example: Mobile phones, cordless phones, electrical devices,TV, computers, monitors Ele,ctromagnetic fields ,radioactive radiation, radiation in medical diagnostics and therapy,water veins,power lines

These and other invisible rays permanently destroy our blood-brain barrier, a barrier that protects the brain as a highly sensitive organ from toxic substances. Thus, the way is clear for all substances that inhibit cell division, but also accelerate cell growth.

We live in a time when many people specialize in the energetic dejamming and harmonization of houses and living spaces. Even many hotels and guesthouses are often energetically dejammed between the change of visitors. “The dejamming is done through the spiritual power of light energy and all other energy potentials of the universe,” according to energeticists.

Everything that thus weighs negatively on us and thus burdens our body, experiences a transformation to the positive through the interference suppression. Thereby it is possible to transform houses, apartment, office’s etc. into a noticeable place of power.


The RADIO DISTURBANCE is explained by Wikipedia as follows:


It is the limitation of radio interference to a permissible level specified in standards, or in specific individual cases, until the interference is eliminated.

What do others say about our interference suppression products?

“I have long been looking for a product which protects me from the electro smog in my home.in my house everyone gets a headache after a short time and I have tried many things and spent a lot of money, but it has helped nothing and a few thousand euros for nothing. I did not believe
really in this plate,because it is also so cheap against something comparable ,often costs 10 times. After a few days no one had more headaches.We sleep much deeper since then and I no longer have to get up at night.From me you get 5 stars.You can help with this plate Olexa many people and now I still order the Zisano chip DANNKKKEEEE. “

Dagmar Schön

“Due to my job, I have to make a lot of phone calls. I often suffered from headaches and had a hard time concentrating. Medication didn’t really help. Then a friend told me about Skorpio, he has it in use himself. So, it may be a coincidence, of course, but I have significantly fewer headaches and the number of my phone calls have not decreased. Works well!”

Alfred Ganz

Radio interference suppression is a subarea of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) . Legally regulated is radio interference together with EMC for the civilian sector in Germany in the Gesetz über die elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit von Betriebsmitteln. Compliance is monitored by the radio measurement service of Federal Network Agency, which maintains corresponding measuring stations and measuring vehicles.

In a disharmonious energetic field, the organism’s natural impulse to maintain its own balance is severely disturbed. A healthy organism has an optimally adjusted life force, to compare with a software program that works well. If this natural regulation of the life force gets out of balance, it is as if the software is infected by a virus and takes on uncontrollable proportions.

Radiation exposure is particularly noticeable in cancer cases (geopathic stress) and in adolescents and young adults through the use of cell phones, PCs and television. The invisible rays are also responsible for the increase in allergies and autoimmune diseases.

However, radio and computer technologies have become an integral part of our lives. At the same time, we do not want to burden our health. Therefore, it is necessary to decontaminate houses, apartments and workplaces.

When exposed to radiation from your cell phone or even e-smog, the following symptoms can occur and are considered an alarm signal!

    • Fatigue, depression, body weakness
    • Internal restlessness
    • Migraine
    • Dizziness
    • Blood pressure symptoms
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • General fatigue

If you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms, then you should urgently consider de-stressing.

If you don’t, it will damage your health over the years. Your biorhythms will be disrupted, your melatonin production will be lowered, and your immune system will be weakened.

It’s up to each and every one of us to make this burden as bearable as possible. We have for you some products that protect you and your environment from disharmonic radiation, namely through targeted interference suppression.

We strongly recommend our customers to dejam their home, workplace, etc. We have found a really good way with our products and your organism and well-being will soon thank you for it.

For your own 4 walls, our Zisano Olexa (S or L) has already proven itself many times. It is suitable for people, animals and plants and is the optimal protection against disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic stress in your work and living area. Our Olexa supports and strengthens your immune system by changing the entire energetic environment. It balances negative health burdens caused by WLAN and mobile radiation, e-smog (caused by devices in the household or also high-voltage masts) to 100% and thus supports your body positively. At the same time harmonizes Zisano Olexa also pathogenic earth radiation, ionizing radiation, as well as radioactive background radiation. So to speak, an “all-around interference suppression!”

For many people, various disharmonies also have a negative effect on sleep quality. The smartphone is in many bedrooms on the nightstand, as it acts as an alarm clock. Permanently “besendet” to be and that in addition exactly beside the head cushion for the duration of the night, that can make the human organism already heavy to create.
Put the cell phone on flight mode or better yet, get out of the bedrooms with your smartphone!

Even in the workplace, we are exposed to enormous disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic pollution every day. Just think of open-plan offices with countless PCs, WLAN routers and printers. This technology is necessary, but a permanent challenge for the body. Increasing sick leave, burnout and depression are often the consequences of an interplay of emotional and physical stress.

With the help of the Zisano Olexa, the use of the mentioned devices (smartphone, WLAN router, etc.) cannot negatively affect our organism, on the contrary. The technical and natural disharmonic rays, as well as electromagnetic stress, as well as earth radiation and cosmic radiation, water veins, grids, etc. are made more tolerable for our body.


There are more and more people who are sensitive to e-smog and suffer from disharmonious stress. Especially here, the Zisano Olexa can be used and help these people again to a stress-free and carefree life.


The beginning of the positive effect can take up to 4 months, but you will notice the changes in yourself and your loved ones and will no longer want to miss.

Because silicon is a perfect storage medium, the effect can never be lost due to the special unique technique.

For the interference suppression caused by the load of smartphones, WLAN routers, DECT cordless phones , baby monitors, tablet and laptop, we also have the optimal solution, namely our Zisano Skorpio.

Zisano Skorpio works strongly and unerringly against WLAN and mobile phone radiation while keeping the devices at full power and does not shield the radiation, but supports our organism to cope with it.

Is suitable for cell phones, WLAN routers, baby monitors, laptops and DECT cordless phones, has a positive effect on our cellular metabolism and does not let our body react with stress when actively using the phone. At the same time, it prevents damage to the CAN.

When actively telephoning, a low-frequency electromagnetic field is generated in the vicinity of the cell phone. However, this is not everywhere equally strong, there are dips and peaks, the so-called GRADIENTS. Abrupt changes in the magnetic field irritate our body, SKORPIO breaks down these peaks to gentle gradients, making the magnetic fields more tolerable for our body. Contribute also you an important part to the protection of your health and decongest your environment for example during active telephone calls with the attachment of our Zisano Skorpio on your cell phone. You will feel better, we promise!




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Frequently asked questions about unblocking

Where can I use the Olexa plates everywhere?

The large plate (Olexa L) is intended for larger apartments and houses, as well as open-plan offices. The range of action in 3D space includes a radius of about 15 meters.


The smaller plate (Olexa S) is optimal for apartments, smaller houses and smaller offices.
The effective range in 3D space covers a radius of approximately 7.5 meters.

It is recommended to place the plate centrally in the house or apartment or office. The best place for this is a higher box, where the plate can be placed undisturbed. The box can be opened and the plate should be placed horizontally. If necessary, the plate can be placed at an angle until the body has become accustomed to the positive effect.


Are there any side effects during use?

It often happens that during initial use, i.e. the first time the plate is used in the house, apartment or office, a slight pressure is felt in the head. Most often this happens when the plate is placed horizontally. In this case, please place the plate vertically, this will reduce the effect by about 85%. Initial headaches are also not uncommon. However, this is not unusual, because the body immediately begins to detoxify. Depending on your state of health, these “discomforts” may be lighter or stronger. However, it is not a cause for concern, this reaction is quite normal when the body begins to detoxify. Just think of a fasting cure or change of diet, our body must first adjust to it. Just approach it slowly, put the plate at an angle at first and let your body get used to it. Should you be unsure, feel free to contact us at any time.


What does the Zisano Skorpio do?

Our cell phone chip is not an aluminum foil that takes away the transmitting power from our smartphone or tablet and thus shields the radiation. Zisano Skorpio does not “heckle” the radiation away, but makes it tolerable for the human organism. Active telephony generates a low-frequency electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the cell phone. However, this field is not the same everywhere; there are dips and peaks, the so-called gradients. Aprupt changes in the magnetic field irritate our body, Zisano Skorpio decomposes these peaks to gentle gradients, making the magnetic fields more tolerable for our body. In addition, the chip prevents damage to DNA and has a positive effect on our cell metabolism.


How long does it take before I should feel an effect from the plate?

Normally, one notices very quickly that something is different when the plate is put on in the house, apartment or office. The sleep behavior may change and initial headaches are not uncommon. Every body reacts differently, so no general statement can be made here. However, if you have pets, you will notice a change in them very quickly. Many of our customers describe an early harmony in the entire home and significantly fewer colds and flu symptoms. However, the onset of the positive effect can take up to four months, but you will not want to miss the changes in yourself and your loved ones.


Where can Zisano Skorpio be used?

The Zisano Skorpio is a small sticker in the shape of our Zisano Flame. It is self-adhesive and can be stuck on the following devices: Cell phone, baby monitor, laptop, tablet, DECT cordless phone (stick anywhere near the battery here), WLAN router (please stick Skorpio directly on the power plug that is plugged into the socket).



Does the Zisano Skorpio protect me from 5G radiation?

The Zisano Skorpio protects the human organism from any kind of radiation.