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Well-being and energy

Feeling good in your own skin on a physical and mental level, that’s how you could define subjective well-being. How happy are you in general in your life, which areas (health, family, work,…) are coherent, which show any potential for improvement? Often we only start to think about this when we are lacking something in one area, feel bad or are already ill, be it physically or mentally. Here it is timely to start to balance these negative pressures and to get back in tune with his own body.

The Zisano Chip can support you in this process. 

Zisano Jewelry


Our Juvelo design series includes about 30 different jewelry pendants, as well as a protective case, the Zisano Protecto.
Generally speaking, all of our jewelry pendants are designed to carry the Zisano Chip with you at all times.
The different models range from simple and elegant, glitter and modern to fancy and extravagant.
With this generous selection is certainly one or the other model for you.
The Juvelos are also very popular and in demand as gifts.


Water harmonization

Water is not just water.

This applies not only to the potentially contained pollutants, but also to the information contained in the water.

You often know stones or crystals that are placed in the pitcher or carafe to positively affect the water quality.


Basically, every water is provided with own information when it originates from the source. Mostly, the paths to our home water pipe are so long and the water is processed in between so that only “dead” water comes out of the tap, that is, water that has little or no more information.

But this is essential, because only energetic high-quality, hexagonal water (see Aqua Vivas Chip) is energized, can reach the cell and thus give our organism what it needs: our elixir of life, water.

Balance & Power


When body and mind are overwhelmed, the big crash comes suddenly and often surprisingly, but signs often show up much earlier with symptoms such as sleep disturbances and the associated fatigue, high blood pressure, irritability, etc.
It is therefore important to take even the small signals seriously in time and not to react only when the body or the psyche no longer cooperate.
With a healthy energy status we feel active and healthy, full of joie de vivre and cheerful.
Supporting the body’s energy balance and counteracting excessive demands can already be done with a few little things, where physiological and psychological factors must be considered equally.


Also the Powerband Potenco can play an important role.

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Both at work and at home, we are more and more exposed to disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

Disturbance of the biorhythm, lowering of melatonin production, weakening of the immune system as well as permanent stress and fatigue are often the consequences.

At the same time, however, radio and computer technologies are indispensable in our lives.

Now it is up to us to make the use as compatible as possible for everyone.

For their own four walls, our Zisano Olexa S or L has already proven itself, while for all smartphones, the WLAN router, as well as tablet and laptop,
but also for DECT – cordless phones and baby monitors of the Zisano Skorpio is recommended. 


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