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Wohlbefinden und Energie

Wellbeing & Energy

What alternatives are there to relieve pain?

From acupuncture, to home remedies of all kinds, herbal remedies, massages, shiatsu, to homeopathy, yoga, meditation and muscle relaxation – there are a variety of ways to relieve pain in alternative ways,  one of them is the Zisano Chip, which works via the meridians and releases blockages. read more read more


Water Harmonization

What can I do to drink more?

Always keep your water glass at hand, don’t drink when you’re thirsty, always take a water bottle with you when you’re on the go and spice up your water with cucumber slices, lemon or herbs. However, it is best to drink hexagonal water, as only this water reaches the cell. read more

ZISANO-Energie und Balance

Balance & Power

How do I get more energy again?

Breathing fresh air through your nose, balanced nutrition, exercise and sports, relaxation, having fun, being happy – this and much more leads to more balance, stability and energy in your life. The Powerband Potenco can also support you in this process via the left heart meridian. read more


Entstörung Strahlung


How do I protect myself from radiation?

WLAN and mobile phone radiation, 5G radiation, electrosmog, etc. can cause problems for your body (even if you are usually not aware of it). Products like Zisano Skorpio and Zisano Olexa make the radiation tolerable for our organism and harmonize it in your four walls and your technical devices. read more

Healthy living with Zisano


Zisano Chip

  • can be applied directly to the painful area in case of pain,
  • dissolves blockages in the meridian system,
  • has an pain-relieving impact,
  • provides general well-being when worn constantly and increases balance and stability

    Powerband Potenco

    • is suitable for woman, man and
      children from 6 years old,
    • strengthens the immune system,
    • increases vitality significantly and
    • improves balance and stability in the whole organism

    Aqua Vivas Chip

        • restores water and liquid foods to their natural order
        • enhances your drinking water and any other liquid within seconds
        • supports the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of harmful substances and heavy metals
        • accelerates metabolic processes
        • strengthens the immune system

    Zisano OLEXA

    • is the optimal protection against disharmonious radiation and electromagnetic stress in your working and living area
    • supports and strengthens the immune system by changing the entire energetic environment
    • balances negative health burdens caused by WLAN and mobile phone radiation (E-smog) and thus positively supports your body
      Gesund Leben mit Zisano
      Therapeuten Wien

      What is a therapeutic massage?

      Therapeutic massage – in comparison to wellness massages – is the treatment of various health diseases and ailments. These are usually prescribed by a doctor and may only be performed by professionals (eg physiotherapists, trained masseurs, doctors). During the treatment, the therapist stimulates the skin directly, as well as the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, connective tissue and related vessels. The technique used, such as rubbing, kneading, tapping, creates an irritation that triggers a reaction of the body. This is intended to stimulate the healing process.

      How does Shiatsu work?

      Shiatsu starts exactly at this point. Shiatsu is a gentle pressure and massage technique from Japanese medicine. The nervous system is stimulated by applying light pressure to meridians, joints, muscles and tendons. The concentration is on the meridians through which our life energy flows. When this flow is interrupted, there is a disturbance of physical and mental balance. Unwellness, general listlessness, as well as fatigue can be the result. With the help of Shiatsu, these blockages can be released and inner balance and equilibrium can be restored.

      What do others say about ZISANO?

      “I’m not really the type to try anything,…. but the ZISANO chip has really helped me a lot! The attitude to life is now a whole different!!! “


      ” I’ve used the chip on 800 people so far, if it doesn’t help they can bring it back, but I’ve never gotten one back! “


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      Frequently asked questions

      What to do about Restless Legs?

      Symptoms range from restless legs only at night, uncontrollable urge to move the legs, sometimes also the arms, to pain and cramps. Affected persons often cannot sleep, which leads to overtiredness and tension during the day. There are a variety of medications, homeopathic remedies, as well as therapeutic approaches, with the relief of symptoms usually in the foreground to improve the quality of life of patients. Also the Zisano Chip can help to reduce the discomfort. Here it is important to listen to your own body and simply test. You can find more about this in our blog articles (Reasons, tips and ways to help yourself).

      What to do with arthritis?

      There are different treatment approaches for rheumatoid arthritis. For example, physical and occupational therapy, dietary changes, and various medications are used to contain or completely halt the process of the disease. It is important to recognize the disease in time and to initiate appropriate treatment. In our blog articles you can read more about arthritis, arthritis in combination with nutrition, as well as with sports. 

      Why do I have no more energy?

      Inner emptiness, no strength, no motivation to do anything, chronic exhaustion, being overwhelmed by the smallest tasks, permanently tired and listless – what’s wrong with me? The causes for the symptoms listed above can be very diverse, but mostly stress, in private or professional terms, is the trigger. What solutions there are here or how you can fill the void in your organism again, you can read in our blog articles “I have no more power – what can I do” and “More power for the start of the day”, as well as “Nutrition, sleep and exercise – the three cornerstones for more energy”.

      What helps against pain during the period?

      Period pains are very unpleasant and test many women again every month. Medication is one option, but fortunately there are also many tips and home remedies that can be used instead. Women are also allowed to exercise during menstruation, and yoga in particular can help enormously with relief. Hot water bottles, cherry pit pillows or even warm showers and baths are a great tip against period pain, because the warmth relaxes the muscles and the tension can be released. The Zisano Chip can be supportive by releasing blockages in the meridian system. You can find more tips in our blog articles. (Menstruation from an Ayurvedic point of view and Menstruation – a gift or an agonizing time)

      What is really good for the immune system?

      Whether with home remedies, homeopathy, nutrition or dietary supplements, the list of good advice has no end. Vitamin A, D, C, B6, B12, folic acid, and and and, who is supposed to keep track here. The fact is that our immune system has the task of protecting us from harmful influences. Because once it is weakened, viruses and bacteria have an “easy game” in our body, so to speak. Read more about this in our two blog articles “Strengthen the immune system and keep moving”, as well as “Tips for strengthening the immune system (prevention against corona virus).” 

      How much water is healthy for our body?

      Between 1.5l to 3 liters of water are recommended for a healthy adult. Through sweating, urine and breath, we lose up to three liters per day, so this should be replenished. At the same time, fluid intake also supports our skin, as the cells are supplied with oxygen and harmful substances are also eliminated more quickly. However, it is important which fluid enters the body. You can find out more about this in our blog article “Our drinking water – our most important food”.

      About ZISANO

      Healthy living

      • ZISANO is composed of the words ZI for body and SANO for health.
      • Our products are developed by an Austrian who has been researching the human body for over 40 years
      • We stand for products that are suitable for humans as well as for animals and plants
      • ZISANO stands for more well-being, more balance and stability

      Why ZISANO?

      Money can’t buy your health. Not for nothing is there the famous saying by Arthur Schopenhauer: “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” 

      And that is exactly what distinguishes us as a company. We grow with our customers, we rejoice with them when they have been able to achieve health success with our products, we listen to their stories and tell them on. We live ZISANO and want to give everyone who wants to go this way with us a great opportunity in our team.

      Our mission

      The understanding of our own body and the self-awareness (after some self-tests of the Zisano Chip) have led us to found the company ZISANO and to make the products, which are constantly expanding, available to all people. With our products we support the human body to stimulate its self-healing powers and to find the right balance again.

      It is our concern to inform people that our organism can only heal itself. Sometimes it needs a little push and we would like to give it.

      Our vision

      ZISANO is more than a job for us, it is a way of life, a passion and something we enjoy doing every day.

      The vision that drives everyone in our team is that we can help people and also animals with our products.

      Especially with regard to 5G radiation we are convinced that our products can counteract the not yet sufficiently researched effects of radiation and thus contribute to an improved quality of life.